05/11/18 - Decorflou design by nexus designs

DecorFlou Design by Nexus Designs

Nexus Designs is an important Australian design studio founded in 1967. Their work is inspired by a multidisciplinary approach combining architectural, artistic, landscaping and technological knowledge. Its wide cultural patrimony allows Nexus Designs to make significant contributions in interior design, as well as to product development.

Their project developed for OmniDecor consists in the creation of four patterns inspired by the effects ofthree-dimension. Thanks to the unique features of these glasses and their varied interactions with light, the patterns provide several levels of opaqueness and visual effect that are emphasized when applied on each panel in this collection.

Diamond Facets

Inspired by the characteristic faceting of precious stones, Diamond Facets is an ideal solution when privacy is a requirement in both commercial and residential environments. 

Arrow Pleats 

A dynamic pattern creating an optical effect suitable for satisfying several requirements. When frosted on extra clear glass it provides a high level of privacy within an office environment, or as a partition in general. When applied to mirrored glass it becomes an ideal solution for a hotel lobby or other commercial space.

Circle Royal

The interlaced, thin rings of this pattern can create an almost “mirage” effect, a unique and extremely elegant outcome that changes depending on the point of observation. When applied on mirrored glass, the rings create a myriad of interlaced lines producing a sophisticated, hypnotizing effect.

Square Gradient

The theme of this pattern is created by a variety of unaligned squares resulting in a transparency and opaqueness, creating a strong visual and dynamic emotional result. Its high degree of provided privacy makes this glass particularly suitable for both commercial or residential environments.


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