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10/05/17 - Glass for showers, more and more etched and decorative glass

Glass for showers, more and more etched and decorative

There's no shower without glass. The latest trends show increasing use of decorative and etched glass. Visual impact combined with performance. Glass is by far the preferred material for shower enclosures, chosen by manufacturers, designers and consumers, thanks to the unrivalled features such as sturdiness, durability and ease of use.

OmniDecor offers different types of glass for showers, each one featuring premium quality and outstanding visual effects:

  • DecorFlou® Design, the decorative etched glass dedicated to those who look for elegance, lightness and cleanliness of shapes.
  • DecorFlou®, the etched glass par excellence, anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch;
  • DecorFlou® Fade, the faded glass characterized by a progressive acid etching that plays with small decorations till reaching full transparency at the top of the sheet. 


It is well known that showers can differ for their shape, the type of doors, the materials used and, last but not least, the design. The trend shows a clear preference for frameless showers and minimalist profiles, giving the enclosures a key role in determining the style of a project. Glass for showers not only guarantees hygiene and durability, it also offers numerous options in terms of design and decoration.


The choice of the type of glass to be used for the shower enclosure starts from the finishing:

  • Decorative glass is gaining more and more space in the bathroom, thanks to the wide availability of patterns and textures. Decorative acid-etching is the preferred choice as it enhances design aspects with determining factors such as privacy and durability.
  • Etched glass in showers is preferred when a higher degree of privacy is needed. It is an efficient and elegant solution, at the same time durable and easy to clean.
  • Faded glass goes beyond privacy requirements as it strongly contributes to the look of the entire bathroom. Privacy on one side and decoration on the other contribute to give lightness to the glass shower enclosure.


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We thank Glass Emotion by Torsellini Vetro, Engadin Projekt Glass and Arch. Roberto Liberati for the pictures.

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