23/02/17 - Glass for furniture and interiors

Glass for furniture and interiors


Whether it is matt, colored or reflective, glass plays a more and more important role in interior design. Thanks to its aesthetic, functional and design features such as transparency, brightness and sturdiness, glass is the material able to determine the style of any realization. Glass for interiors, particularly when used as a partition element, favors the diffusion of natural light and improves communication between the rooms. Glass for furniture offers numerous design solutions and enhances aesthetic continuity.


Not only transparent glass

Glass manufacturers have developed a wide range of solutions to match designers’ and architects’ needs in terms of project, renovation and decoration. Starting from transparent float glass, the variants are many:

  • acid-etched or satin glass
  • reflective glass
  • colored glass
  • mirror glass
  • decorative or patterned glass
  • printed glass
  • artistic glass

And many are also the processes aimed at matching project requirements or safety regulations:

  • laminated glass
  • safety glass
  • insulated glass
  • low-e glass
  • curved glass
  • fire resistant glass


Glass applications in interiors 

Glass doors: the door has the twofold function of dividing or connecting element. With plenty of options, glass can satisfy any requirement: the transparent glass door provides luminosity and visual continuity; the acid-etched or decorated glass door adds a pleasant aesthetic touch and, according to the desired effect, it grants privacy; a glass door colored or decorated with dense patterns divide the two rooms, being anyway an essential component of the overal design of spaces. It is of course also possible to choose a door with partial use of glass, such as wood and glass or steel and glass; even in this case the choice is driven by both design and privacy requirements.

Glass partitions and wall cladding: glass is mainly diffused for wall cladding in public and commercial spaces, being able to transform every wall, partition or column into an eye-catching design solution. The same applies to glass partition walls, with numerous solutions and design/technical options. Back painted or mirror glass for wall cladding as well as decorative glass partitions are being used more and more also in residential projects, not only for its aesthetic value but also for being hygienic, easy to clean and durable.

Glass stairs: sturdy and safe, at the same time light and eye-catching, glass stairs give a touch of elegance to any environment. From the diffused application in public spaces, offices, hotels or malls, glass stairs are often the choice for interior decoration where minimalist design prevails.

Glass shower enclosures: the trend to customize shower walls opened the door to plenty of creative solutions, starting from the total opacity given by acid-etched glass, to the many decorative options obtained by different glass processing techniques.

Glass for furniture: also in furniture the use of glass is more and more diffused because it’s modern, durable, decorative and much more. Not only as integral part of a kitchen, a table or a cabinet, glass can be a continuity element among the different pieces or furniture and in the different rooms. This is how glass in partition walls, doors, stairs and furniture becomes the common thread of an interior design project.



Glass for furniture and interiors by OmniDecor

Acid-etched glass DecorFlou is the ideal solution for glass doors, partition walls, facades and balustrades, glass shower doors, kitchen cabinets and glasstops, furniture, office and contract.

Colored glass DecorGem and DecorOpal: the best solution for furniture, kitchen cabinets, glass doors, wall cladding.

Decorative glass DecorFlou Design is the choice giving class and elegance to furniture, glass doors, shower enclosures and bathroom furnishing, balustrades, offices and commercial spaces.

Specialty glassess provide touch of creativity to any project with light, golden or decorated glass, suitable both for interiors and outdoor applications.

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