30/10/17 - The acid-etched glass is decorflou®

DecorFlou® has always been “the” high-end acid-etched glass on the market, showing its top quality anti-fingerprint satin finish on the surfaces of the DecorFlou® Classic and BiFlou collections. A matt surface whilst flooded with light, versatile and easy to maintain.

The peculiar texture of DecorFlou® surfaces, featuring a soft touch and a consistent finish, gives the product the remarkable quality to avoid the retention of stains or fingerprints, making it easy to clean and preventing the formation of smudges. Output of a controlled chemical process, acid-etching does not change its appearance or discolor over time.


DecorFlou® is the acid-etched glass par excellence, that separates without totally filtering the view but allowing light to be transmitted almost unchanged from one space to the other. When it comes to wall cladding, the acid-etching finish gives depth and three-dimensionality to lacquered surfaces, otherwise flat and subject to dirt.


The qualitative and aesthetic characteristics of the acid-etched surface of DecorFlou® Classic double in the DecorFlou® BiFlou version, in which the acid-etching on both surfaces gives glass additional brightness and elegance when used in transparency*.

Always looking for unrivaled solutions, OmniDecor supplements the classic range of acid-etched float glass with other substrates and colors, expressed in the Mirror, Reflecting and Gold collections.

* the BiFlou version is not supposed to be lacquered, due to the satin finish on both sides.


The properties of DecorFlou® acid-etched surfaces


  • anti-fingerprint and easy cleaning
  • scratch resistant
  • anti-glare
  • corrosion resistant


The acid-etching surface treatment is made through industrial processing, which not only guarantees its consistency on each sheet, but also the durability of all properties over time.

Thanks to these features, DecorFlou® is suitable for indoor as well as for outdoor applications.



doors  |  walls & partitions  |  furniture  |  kitchen  |  shower enclosures  |


façades  |  balustrades  |  canopies  |

Indoor & outdoor

hospitality design  |  store fitting  |  lighting  |


The benefits of OmniDecor acid-etched glass

The surface of DecorFlou® offers remarkable pros when compared to similar surfaces in terms of appearance and function.


  Cleaning and maintenance Visual aspect Touch Durability






easy cleaning










Sandblasted glass




porous surface,

retaining stains and



not always consistent











Digital printing




visible fingerprints,

caution required


quality depending

on resolution


plain surface



depending on ink







visible fingerprints,

caution required to

avoid delamination


possible formation

of bubbles

during application


though thin, 

they create  easily

perceptible thickness



tendency to




Processing and sizes

DecorFlou® can be easily processed, any treatment is allowed: mechanical (cutting, grinding, drilling) and thermal (toughening, bending) as well as surface treatment (lamination, painting). Lamination and painting have to be performed on the non-treated surface; in case of painting, acid-etching can be on the tin side upon request, in order to leave the air side free for further processing. DecorFlou® is available in the following sizes: 2250/2400/2550 x 3210 mm 6000 x 3210 mm


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