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  • OmniDecor.lab opens in Milan - Glass at the center of projects.
01/04/19 - Omnidecor.lab opens in milan - glass at the center of projects.

Ideas and solutions for contemporary architecture.


All industrial enterprises, without exception, are complicated organisms. In order for them to develop and flourish they need to count on a blend of assets, the most critical of which is intellectual capital. OmniDecor’s success is based on two unique expressions of this asset.

The first and easiest to define is the expression of technical-scientific knowledge and production competence; the second, more intangible, originates from discussion, interactions, cultural and artistic stimulations exchanged through ideas, life styles, experiences.

Ideas are just like floral species that flourish in an appropriate ecosystem; OmniDecor’s decision to create a special area that fosters the exchange of ideas and creative thinking originates from this very concept. And what other place could be more appropriate than the design district of the city representing the symbol of this discipline?



OmniDecor | LAB

Via Cerva, 23


ph. +39 02 40 70 30 60


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